Demonstration and Scale Up of Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Water Pumping Technology

and System for the Conservation of Grassland and Farmland in China



Photovoltaic Solar Water Pumping Technology and System in China



This project is aiming to integrate new PV technology, water-savings techniques, water resources management and to design robust user-friendly systems to bring the highest benefits to farmers. In addition to the technology innovation and integration, the scale-up of PV water pumping system for grassland and farming land also enhance the national sustainable strategy. In the 11th-FiveYear Plan (FYP) (2006-2010) and the 12th FYP (2011-2015) in China, the importance of rural development has been emphasized. Measures have been taken in order to develop modern agriculture, increase farmers´ incomes, enhance farmers´ education and capacity and increase investments in the agricultural sector.

The overall goals of the project are:

1. To transfer the research results into real applications through the collaboration of the partners from Sweden and China

2. To promote the "win-win" collaboration through the integration of partners with knowledge share and technology transfer to offer the social and economic benefits to poor regions

3. To scale up of renewable technologies through demonstration and commercialization for the exploration of potential niche market.

The OBJECTIVE of the project is to demonstrate the renewable PV water pumping technology for the conservation of grassland ad farmland together with sustainable water resources management.

More specific tasks in the project include:

1. Data survey and system model development (Assessment of the solar resource, water resources and pasture land distribution which are suitable for the irrigation from the perspective of water resources and ecological protection; establishment of typical integrated models of solar water pumping irrigation with special consideration of geographic differences in China; identification of the demonstration sites for field test and data collection)

2. Robust technology demonstration and scale up for commercialization (Robust prototype development of module-based components and flexible combinations for the considerations of the local conditions; develop user-friendly integrated systems of solar water irrigation system for grassland and/or farming land; investigation of suitable water saving irrigation techniques and grass and agriculture product production enhancement technologies; investigate the possibility of plantation of grass-plants of high economic value to further improve the economic viability of the technology)

3. Social and policy impacts assessment and capacity building of users (Identification of the technical, economic, financial and institutional barriers of the scale up and commercialization of technology; social impact assessment on the poverty reduction and improving life of women and children; national relevant policy analysis and barriers identification and recommendation of the strategic policy enhancement).


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